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Providing Mental Health Education and Resources


Healing Youth Project recognizes the need for all individuals to receive education and resources for eating disorders and mental health. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, and are driven by the ideas of our Non-Profit Organization: supporting each other, empowerment, mentorship, and compassion. From peer to peer, we encourage those struggling to seek help and support those with loved ones struggling. Learn more below about our vision and education programs!



We present virtually in middle and high schools about eating disorders and offer time for students to ask question. Our goal is to start a conversation for youth in our community by initiating an interactive education opportunity. Educating youth early on about the seriousness of eating disorders is so important for the prevention and intervention of these mental illnesses. Our mission aims to provide resources for young individuals struggling and their family and friends.

The Presentation Includes:

  • Introduction to eating disorders

  • Who they affect

  • Information about common eating disorders

  • Causes and risk factors

  • Emotional/behavioral and physical symptoms 

  • Misconceptions and myths about eating disorders

  • Impacts of diet culture and the diet industry

  • Resources for individuals struggling

  • How to approach a friend or loved one if they may be struggling

  • Question and Answer for students

We mentor students on how to introduce body neutrality/positivity or mental health awareness clubs at their school. We provide guidance on how to structure the club, ideas for activities, and how to implement mental health awareness and general wellbeing initiatives and practices to the school as a whole.

Benefits of Starting a Club:

  • Creating a safe space for students

  • Providing a support network for students 

  • Hosting discussions about diet culture, social media, etc.

  • Fighting against weight stigma and body shaming in your school

  • Promoting self-appreciation and self care

  • Educating your school and develop mental health awareness

  • Practicing self compassion

  • Helping your peers cope with stress

  • Promoting mental and psychical wellbeing 


Contact us if you are interested in one of our programs!


We host 45 minute and 1 hour workshops about topics including self-esteem and body image, self care, self love and gratitude for students in the community. In these workshops, we emphasize the importance of strengthening and maintaining self esteem, practicing self care, and coping with poor body image as well as ways to improve body image. Self care is so vital for creating and maintaining a life of contentment, presence, and balance. Engaging in self care enhances our relationships, mental and physical health, and nourishes our soul. Additionally, maintaining self esteem and improving body image is necessary for cultivating inner peace and confidence.


Self Care Workshop Includes:

  •  Discussion on importance of taking time for your  wellbeing and soul

  • Introducing the areas of self care and different self care  practices

  • Guidance on creating a self care plan

  • Guidance on mapping out a support system network

Self Esteem and Body Image Workshop Includes:

  • Discussion about beauty and body ideals, how social media can effect body image 

  • Tools to resist appearance pressures and unrealistic beauty ideals

  • Exercises for building self esteem 

We are also able to craft a specific workshop for you if a topic is not covered in our Self Care or Self Esteem Workshop


Knowing the impact that sports can have on mental health, body image, self esteem, and one's relationship with food, Healing Youth Project aims to bring eating disorder awareness to athletes and sports teams. Having engaged in sports ourselves while experiencing disordered eating, we hope to expand awareness and promote healthy minds and bodies. Unfortunately, athletes have a greater chance of developing an eating disorder, thus education and awareness is critical for prevention and intervention. We present and initiate a discussion around disordered eating in athletes and the harmful culture that can arise in these environments. 

The Presentation and/or Discussion Includes:

  • Introduction to eating disorders and who they affect

  •  Information about common eating disorders

  • Causes and risk factors

  • Emotional/behavioral and physical symptoms 

  • Misconceptions about eating disorders

  • The presence of diet culture in sports 

  • How teams can be a positive and inclusive space

  • Resources for individuals struggling

  • How to approach a teammate or loved one if they are struggling

  • Question and Answer for athletes

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