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Developing Anorexia Nervosa in eighth grade, Sage suffered for nearly three years before receiving help. After spending time in treatment, Sage finally dedicated herself to recovery and helping others. Almost a year after being diagnosed, Sage decided to bring eating disorder awareness and education to schools and the community. Having received health information about eating disorders in middle and high school, Sage recognized that the information presented can often be limited and misinformed. She has worked since the beginning of 2021 to bring resources and education to schools in the Portland area and beyond. Driven by values of compassion, support, and leadership, Sage also founded a peer led support group for adolescents on the west coast. Sage loves to paint, work at Baskin Robbins, make content for her recovery Instagram, spend time with her closest friends, walk in the beautiful forest by her house, and volunteer in the community.




At the age of 12, Mary developed Anorexia Nervosa and silently struggled until she was 16. When spending multiple months in treatment, she met Sage Mccann, who she quickly connected with over the shared struggle from the lack of advocacy in middle schools about eating disorders. Over time, Mary became more aware of her values and goals in life, one of which being to advocate and break the stigma around mental health. She created a recovery Instagram but wanted to take it a step further, and Sage did too. This led to the wonderful creation of Healing Youth Project. Outside of eating disorder recovery, Mary happily works at Baskin Robbins with her cofounder, Sage, spreading love and ice cream to everyone that walks in. She enjoys listening to music, driving around with friends, taking walks with her dog, Bo, as well as writing poetry for her blog. 

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